ProQyz plus WordPress gives you the ultimate training tool

Teach anyone, anything, from anywhere. Create, manage, and sell eLearning courses – all in one place!

Grow your business with ProQyz Plus

Unlock multiple revenue streams
through your own website

Online courses

Build beautiful lessons and tests, and create engaging courses for sale through your payment gateway.


ProQyz gives you access to an instant market of teachers and trainers where you can sell your own original courses.

Teach and train

Online courses, blended learning and face-to-face training are all eay with ProQyz Plus.

Evaluation services

Utilise your skill and experience to sell your evaluation services that will power student success.


Offer exclusive content and benefits with seamless membership management.

Create courses

Unlimited course creation capabilities with an intuitive builder

Experience seamless course creation through an advanced course builder. Enjoy unlimited course creation capabilities and organize your learning materials effortlessly with topics, lessons, and powerful quizzes. Create an interactive and dynamic learning environment with gamification features, and more.

Sell online

Easy monetization, earnings, and withdrawal management

Maximize your earnings with a diverse range of monetization options tailored to suit your needs. Facilitate seamless revenue sharing among instructors, access your earnings conveniently with multiple withdrawal options, and get built-in analytics to optimize your revenue generation strategies.

Manage courses

Easily manage courses and get comprehensive analytics

Manage your courses seamlessly with comprehensive built-in analytics. Track an array of metrics including course performance, sales trends, refund rates, student progression, and more, allowing you to refine and enhance your offerings backed by data for maximum impact.

Seamlessly integrates with the tools you love

ProQyz Plus WordPress
Build the platform you want


Google Classroom

Google Meet


Paid Memberships Pro





GrassBlade xAPI Companion


Seamlessly integrates with the tools you love

Unlock many income streams
with a single, powerful LMS

Quiz builder

Go beyond basics with 10 question types. Set time limits, randomize questions, add feedback, and do so much more to adjust quiz behavior.

Course bundle

Group multiple courses together and sell them as a package.

Notifications & calendar

Keep students updated with event calendar & notifications.

Content drip

Take control of the content delivery schedule with drip content.

Live classes

Host live classes with Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.


Here's what our customers are saying about us

With ProQyz Plus you will be able to build your own Udemy-like online course experience for FREE! It’s really an ambitious plugin that has a bright future if they maintain their development.
@John Whitford
Income Mesh
ProQyz Plus is a really great product, and in my opinion the best and only LMS you will ever need. The Pro version is well priced, and given its amazing and vast range of features it’s actually a bargain. (WordPress)
@Michael Scriven
I really like ProQyz Plus. I use it daily for my e-learning websites as well as for my clients’. I love its simplicity combined with a practical approach. (Trustpilot)
@Anna Bućkowska
Career advisor, Mentor
ProQyz Plus is a WordPress based online course builder that will allow you to build courses, monetize them, and of course establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
@Dave Swift
Profitable Tools
Excellent support for the best LMS plugin. Easy to use Plugin with very well explained documentation. Efficient and fast support. (WordPress)
They are a very professional team, they give quick responses and they have patience for new users. (Trustpilot)
@Michael Sandoval
It just flows when you are building and drag and drop helps out a lot. You can build a simple or complex learning management system with free or paid capabilities. (Capterra)
@Jorge Edel A.
CEO Veeme Media
Went back and forth between this and Teachable, and ultimately went with these guys because their support is great, there is limitless customization, and it’s nice to keep everything on my site. Definitely recommend! (WordPress)
The plugin is fantastic, it has everything you need to form your professional school, support extensions and the support is very competent! Excellent. (Trustpilot)
@Thomas Arango Toro
I have been incredibly impressed with everything ProQyz Plus offers. The simplicity of the platform has made the setup very easy, which is incredible as it makes my life much easier. (Capterra)
@Darien C
Associate Pastor
I am using the ProQyz Plus plugin and I can say that it worthed every penny of my money. The plugin is working very well and with no issues. But the most important thing I want to mention is that the support is one of the best I have experienced. (Trustpilot)
@Andreas Ntritsos
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