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Thousands of Practice tests, Mocks, Academic + Tech Resources in an integrated form, Unique Test Prep Tools to Improve Results Quickly, Continuous Flow of Student Leads from your Area.


Simple but powerful tools to Practice Listening, Reading with instant results, and Band Calculation on the spot. Keep and improve your performance graph with instant results on the spot with Spacetree.


Most complete and robust school management system. We are the pioneer and leading school ERP in India. This is the best school automation product that facilitates all school users in a single place

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Ajay Naveen
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“Spacetree has given us the ability to systematically position training courses when learners need them and ensure that it is delivered EXACTLY how we need it to be delivered. Customers are already showing up more prepared and informed than previously.”
Mahesh Rajni
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“Spacetree has a robust and easy to use feature set which allowed us to get an eLearning program up and running in a very short period of time. As the program grew, the well developed codebase allowed us to build several custom add-ons tailoring the platform to the specific needs of our client.”
Manoj Rajut
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“The Spacetree WordPress plugin is arguably one of the easiest and most convenient LMS plugins on the market. Its intuitive drag-and-drop design makes it simple for anyone to create quizzes, training programs, and exams with a click of a button.”
Parul Arya
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“A beautiful thing about using Spacetree is not only the ability to build a beautiful program site, but we can actually have great accountability built in to the onboarding of our program, and that’s why we get great results.”
Vibgyor English
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Our Spacetree powered courses continue to impress our learners. In the last nine months we have had not one, but THREE successful course launches, each one generating over six-figures in revenue!”
Sachdeva Sir
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“Spacetree is incredibly user-friendly, and made it very easy for us to create a custom study planner for our subscribers. The support we received during the creation of our study planner was outstanding.”